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Illustration of a flea; fleas found in Gloucester. If you live in or around Gloucester and you have got a problem with pests, or maybe you want to prevent getting a problem with pests of any kind, you've come to the right place.  We deal with mole removal, rabbit control, rat control and bed bugs treatment to name just a few.  We do so to the highest quality standards possible, and at the lowest possible prices.  We offer domestic pest control as well as commercial pest control and you can always be sure of receiving a fast, effective and friendly service.


We've all heard the saying, “prevention is better than cure” and that is perhaps more true with pests than it is with just about anything else.  Nobody wants to be staring a rat or a cockroach in the face, we would much rather not have to deal with them at all.  That's why an important part of the service provided by Pest Control Gloucester is to inform you of how to prevent infestations.  We have found that this is a service most often requested by our commercial clients as they cannot afford an outbreak of pests due to health and safety regulations and the reputation of their company.  It is also something that we will always offer to domestic customers after we have dealt with an infestation so that they can avoid ever having to call on us again.


Needless to say not everyone knows about the proper pest prevention techniques so there are always bound to be cases when pests pop up.  Our pest control technicians are fully trained, qualified and experienced at dealing with them all.  This means we can quickly apply the most effective treatment for any situation.  We will keep you up to date with everything we are doing and you can ask us questions at any stage.  After the treatment has been completed we will let you know how to prevent a future problem.

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Nobody ever expects pests to show up so when they do it is always a shock.  As many of them, like rats, mice and cockroaches, tend to stay away from the light as much as possible, you'll often find the infestation at night.  If that is the case, there is no need to delay getting in touch, we are always available 24/7.


It usually helps to have some examples to further full understanding, so here are a couple of ways that we deal with common infestations.
  • A rat; rats found in Gloucester.Mole Removal – Using a pellet we gas the moles out where they live so that they will not be able to tear up your garden anymore.
  • Wasp Removal – All of the wasps will be killed by injecting a special insecticide into the nest.  This causes the minimum disturbance to the nest, ensuring the safety of everyone in the area.
  • Rat Control – We will use rat traps in most cases to catch and then dispose of the rats.  Afterwards we will let you know what caused the infestation, and what you can do to stop it from re-occurring.

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To contact Pest Control Gloucester for a free quote, to ask questions or to arrange a visit from an expert pest controller, simply fill in the call back form and we will ring you with the information you need within 10-15 minutes.   
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